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Position: Legal Expert 

1/ Responsibilities

- Advise the CEO on matters related to business law, investment, and labor code.

- Review economic contracts, domestic and foreign purchases.

- In charge of copyright and Intellectual Property issues.

- The focal point to work with foreign legal partners and the Vietnamese government agencies related to legal matters.

2/ Requirements

- Age: 28-35

- Having a Bachelor Degree in Law is an advantage. 

- In-depth knowledge of economic law, investment, commerce, and online business.

- Logical thinking.

- At least 5 years of experience in a related position.

- Good communication English skills, equivalent 6.5 IELTS.

- Honest, careful, and highly responsible.

- Candidates used to work at multinational companies or e-commerce field will be preferred.

- Ability to go on business trips regularly.

3/ Benefits

- Career opportunity.

- Competitive salary.

- 13th salary.

- Free lunch meals.

- Social insurance, Health insurance.

- Chance to be trained by qualified experts.

- Good chance for promotion.

- Attend team-building activities twice each year.

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