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Position: CEO Assistant, Legal

Report directly to CEO

1/ About this opportunity:

We are looking for someone who not only has a strong legal knowledge but also could independently handle all legal issues of the Company and ensure that the Company is up to date on the applicable legal requirements and in compliance with the same. To achieve the best performance, this one is required to work directly with the CEO in order to fully understand the business and the operation of the Company. That’s why we call it CEO Assistant, Legal.

2/ Responsibilities

- Providing practical legal advice on issues and operations relating to the Company’s business activities.

- Handling various legal issues of the Company especially Copyright and IP issues.

- Developing and leading corporate legal strategy to protect the Company‘s matters.

3/ Requirements

- Age: 28-35

Education Level: 

- Having a Bachelor‘s Degree in Law is an advantage. 

Work Experience:

- At least 3 years of In-house legal experience.  

Qualifications and Skills: 

- Logical and critical thinking.

- Honest, careful, and highly responsible.

- Good communication English skills, equivalent to 6.5 IELTS.

- Ability to go on business trips regularly.

4/ Benefits

- A chance to work with domestic and foreign legal firms and a broad range of legal matters. 

- An unprecedented learning environment in which you could develop yourself and your career.

- A competitive remuneration and incentive package.

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